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DND Mold Removal & Remediation NYC Offers a professional Mold Inspection services in NY (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island & The Bronx), Long Island (Suffolk & Nassau County) & New Jersey.

Why Test Mold ? Mold testing and inspection will determine the level and risk of mold if positively detected on-site. At most times mold could be visible by sight or by musty odors, In some cases mold could easily be invisible and grow in unexpected areas. Our specialists will be able to detect to location of the growth during the inspection. A high percent of mold scenarios are caused by water damaged areas, which is the reason why it is highly recommended to perform a Restoration for Water Damage as soon as occurs. Unexplained Nausea, Cough, Headaches, Allergies and health problem could develop from mold.

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In each and every inspection we will visually and manually inspect the property, locate growth areas and test the air quality of the specific location. Within 3-5 Business we will accommodate you with laboratory results, Mold species and our specified recommendations for a Mold Removal / Remediation NYC 800-380-6965

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